Govt Jobs January-2017

Government jobs January – 2017 Shastra Seema Bal requires 872 Sub Inspector assistant Sub Inspector and head constable. [click here]  Agriculture scientist recruitment Board invites application for various senior scientist post.[Click here]   Banda University of Agriculture and Technology requires  professor and assistant professor.[click here] Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Applications are invited for following […]

General GK JOBS Management

Job Oriented Courses

Career and Job oriented courses by Symbiosis Pune [online college degrees courses] Symbiosis Distance Learning offers various job oriented short term and long term courses. Long term programs such as PGDBA etc are recognized by UGC and distance education bureau[DEB] New Delhi, Govt of India. Whereas short term programs like diploma in creative writing are […]

Android GK

Android’s Nougat features

Android Nougat 7 features Android’s latest operating system is now available for all Android fans with lots of new features, especially multi-window features which make one to open more than one app at a time. Of course whenever Google releases new versions of Android, they focus more on security which is big concern as per […]

Management PHP-MySQL

Maintaining the Database

Maintaining the Database [MS Access] Database Security is essential Security can be administered in the form of: -A database Password -User-Level Security Compacting a Database -Backing up a Database -Importing and Linking external data Database Password —————————– -Simplest mode of securing a database. -Not very fool proof. -Database password to be used for opening database […]

General Web

what is internet

INTERNET INTERNET is a network of networks. Just as interstate highway system links one city to another, similarly the Internet links thousands of computer networks. This library lends books, audio and video: -Only one item at a time -Any two item at a time -All the three items -Internal borrowing among members is also allowed […]

Storage Management
C Programming C++

Storage Management

Storage Management [Data Structure] In case of large voluminous data, every byte of space is important and plays a major factor in determining the cost of the resources. Programs that are run on computer systems will use variables that are stored in main memory for manipulation of data. When a variable is defined, a calculated […]

jobs 2016

Jobs Dec-2016

Various vacancies in govt sector Central University of Tamil Nadu Positions No of Posts Salary Professor 15 Posts Rs.37,400-67K + 10KAGP Associate professor 33 Posts Rs.37,400-67K + 9K AGP Assistant Professor 49 Posts Rs. 15,600 – 39100 + 6K AGP To apply for above positions, click here  Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Applications are invited […]

C Programming C++

Searching techniques

Searching Techniques Files and Records: A record is a collection of related information and Collection of records is called a file. Ordered and unordered ———————————– Unordered– There is no relation between the records Ordered –The keys are ordered in a specific fashion to enhance searching. Keys: Specific field in a record to differentiate each record […]

C Programming C++

Sorting technique

Sorting Techniques Sorting is a process to arrange the records in the file in an order(either ascending or descending) with respect to the key. Sorting can be divided into two types of categories called internal and external sorting based on location of records at the time of sorting. The characteristics of sorting methods are – […]


List of countries in the world

World’s Fact There are 7 continents in the world and they are.. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia List of total countries in each continent. 50 countries in Asia Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia China Cyprus Georgia India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia […]

C Programming C++

Data structure Graph

Introduction to Graphs The limitation of tree is that it cannot represent many to many relation. This limitation is overcome by using Graph. Definition of a Graph ——————————- Graphs is a data structure consisting of a set of vertices (or nodes) A set of edges (or links) connecting the vertices G = (V, E) where V […]