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what is internet

INTERNET INTERNET is a network of networks. Just as interstate highway system links one city to another, similarly the Internet links thousands of computer networks. This library lends books, audio and video: -Only one item at a time -Any two item at a time -All the three items -Internal borrowing among members is also allowed […]

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How to load website faster

How to load website / blog faster? When it comes to loading a website / blog faster is quite important task for website owner because some technical aspects are required to implement in it other than developing a website/blog. Why it is important to have this faster loading concept? And the answer is quite simple […]

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Introduction to XML XML or Extensible Markup Language, can define their own set of tags Make it possible for people or programs to understand these tags. XML Scope and Application Valuable both to the Internet and large corporate intranet environments. Provides interoperability using a flexible, open, standards-based format. Applications can be built more quickly. Easier […]


Data Source Naming – DSN

In this post you’ll be able to create DSN [Data Source Naming] for establishing database connection. How to Create DSN for MS Access Here are the steps to create Data Source Naming or DSN for MS Access database. step1: Click on “Start” Menu and click on “Settings” step2: Go to “Control Panel” step3: click on […]


Hyper Text Markup Language

it’s a method that adds markup to text, no more, no less. It can be compared to a Rich Text File or Word Document, with the difference that HTML can be coded by hand. An HTML document (like any other document) consists of “header” or “meta” information. This tells a program (the web browser) what […]