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Entrepreneurship Development program

Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP is a need for the hour because without entrepreneurship there is no business which means no employment and hence no jobs! But everyone cannot become an entrepreneur because it takes lot of efforts and stability and capability in all areas like finance, production and marketing […]

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What is insurance

What is insurance? An arrangement or settlement by an organization or a company or a Government body which undertakes to provide financial or material guarantee as compensation for loss or damage, death, ill health etc. under certain terms and conditions. How many types of insurances? Now, there are various types of insurances are available for […]

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RRB Openings

RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) Assistant LOCOPILOT and Technician Vacancies Total Number of Vacancies: 23,801 RRB-wise vacancy details: 1. RRB/ Ahmedabad: 455 2. RRB/ Ajmer: 645 3. RRB/ Allahabad: 1321 4. RRB/ Bangalore: 890 5. RRB/ Bhopal: 625 6. RRB/ Bhubaneswar: 745 7. RRB/ Bilaspur: 1341 8. RRB/ Chandigarh: 961 9. RRB/ Chennai: 1423 10. RRB/ […]


Big Data

Big data is a term used to describe massive amount of data in both structured and unstructured form that includes day-to-day basis of all business transitions. The amount data that’s being stored on global level is very huge volume and difficult to process, isolate and implement in real-time basis but possible using some latest data […]



As the technology continues to grow in software industry so there is always big demand for programming languages and programmers.Since the early 2000, the dot-com bubble, we have seen really lots of improvements in the software industry with innovation at its best level. For this huge change in the software or IT industry there has […]

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Digital Marketing is a new way of marketing or advertising and selling goods or service on the internet. Internet has opened many doors to all of us whether it is simple email communication, chatting, social media connectivity, online shopping, online education and the list goes end-less here. In recent time the digital marketing becomes very […]