Computer Shortcuts

All Short Cut Keys for Windows  Alt + F File menu options in current program Alt + E Edit options in current program F1 Universal help (for all programs) Ctrl + A Select all text Ctrl + X Cut selected item Shift + Del Cut selected item Ctrl + C Copy selected item Ctrl + […]


Basic Science MCQ-4

1. If a car moves 240km in 4 hours then the average speed of the car will be ______kmph a) 40 b) 80 c) 60 d) none 2. A rolling ball shows ___ and ____ motion a) Rotational , translational b) rotational , static c) Rotational, Circular d) None 3. The SI unit of speed […]


Basic Science MCQ-3

1._________is the comparison of an unknown quantity with a known standard quantity of same kind. a) Length b) Measurement c) width d) None 2. ______is the space occupied by an object. a) Volume b) density c) Length d)None 3. The ratio of CGS to SI unit of mass is ______ a) 1:100 b) 1:1000 c) […]


Basic Science MCQ with Answers-2

1. The volume is derived quantity from_______ a) Breadth b) Mass c) Length d) None 2. SI Unit of energy is__________ a) Joule b) Calvin c) N d) None 3. Symbol of Candela is _________ a) cD b) Cd c)CD d)None 4. 1 Hour 18 mins_________seconds a) 4680 b) 4682 c) 5676 d) 4563 5. […]


Basic Science MCQ with Answers-1

1. During refraction of light, which of the following quantities change? a) Frequency b) Phase c) Speed d) Wavelength 2. Total internal reflection may take place if light is passing from a) Water to glass b)Water to air c) Glass o to air d) Glass to water 3. A ray parallel to the principal axis, […]

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Entrepreneurship Development program

Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP is a need for the hour because without entrepreneurship there is no business which means no employment and hence no jobs! But everyone cannot become an entrepreneur because it takes lot of efforts and stability and capability in all areas like finance, production and marketing […]

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Job Oriented Courses

Career and Job oriented courses by Symbiosis Pune [online college degrees courses] Symbiosis Distance Learning offers various job oriented short term and long term courses. Long term programs such as PGDBA etc are recognized by UGC and distance education bureau[DEB] New Delhi, Govt of India. Whereas short term programs like diploma in creative writing are […]

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what is internet

INTERNET INTERNET is a network of networks. Just as interstate highway system links one city to another, similarly the Internet links thousands of computer networks. This library lends books, audio and video: -Only one item at a time -Any two item at a time -All the three items -Internal borrowing among members is also allowed […]


List of countries in the world

World’s Fact There are 7 continents in the world and they are.. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia List of total countries in each continent. 50 countries in Asia Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia China Cyprus Georgia India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia […]

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What is insurance

What is insurance? An arrangement or settlement by an organization or a company or a Government body which undertakes to provide financial or material guarantee as compensation for loss or damage, death, ill health etc. under certain terms and conditions. How many types of insurances? Now, there are various types of insurances are available for […]

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Govt jobs 9 oct 2016

  Indian Institute of Management Indore. Invites application for various non-teaching positions in Indore and Mumbai. Executive Engineer (Electrical) Accounts Officer  Medical Officer Nurse Electrical engineer Executive Assistant  General duty assistant Last date to apply 19/10/2016 Apply here online   Border Security Force (BSF) Few Modifications in Recruitment dates. First Phase Written Test (OMR Based […]