Most common Excel formulas for MIS

Microsoft Excel is most powerful software application for office use. And it’s strength lies in the use of advanced formulas for calculating any sort of given data. Here we have listed some of the most common and advanced formulas for MIS. Have a look!   Excel  Formulas Text   Output   Formula Description i am […]


VLookup and HLookup

Excel has built-in functions called VLookup [Verticals Lookup] and HLookup [Horizontal Lookup] These two functions are now most widely used formula for finding absolute and reference values from  sheet.     VLOOKUP is a Vertical Lookup for searching values from first column.  VLookUp : Please create following excel sheet with data in it and write […]


Macros in Excel

Excel Macros A macro can be defined as the recording of a series of tasks. It’s the simplest form of automation – show a software program the steps you follow to get something done, and the software will follow along. When used right, macros can save you hours by automating simple, repetitive tasks. A macro […]


Creating an Excel form with Macros

This tutorial teaches you how to create an excel forms with Macros with step-by-step approaches. Step1 :  Open MS Excel Application and then click on “Developer” Tab  then click on “Visual Basic” option as shown in following screen shots. Step2: Click on “Insert” menu then select “UserForm” as shown in below image Step3: Drag and […]


Pivot Table using Excel

Pivot table is used to sort, count or give the average of the data stored in a spreadsheet, Pivot tables are also useful for converting rows to columns etc. Here are the steps to create a pivot table. Step 1:  Start MS Excel Application Step 2: Enter some data as following screen shot. Step 3: […]


Clear Excel Sheet using VBA

To clear the entered data in the current sheet of MS-Excel application follow the below simple steps. 1. Click on ” Developer” tab in MS-Excel as shown in below image. 2. Click on “insert” and select “command Button”, follow image. 3. Drag the button on the sheet and right click on it, select properties->Caption->Enter text […]


Data validation in Excel

Data Validation with MS – Excel Data validation is an important for entering specific values in the column with size or length. Here are the steps. 1. Prepare the sheet as shown in following screen shot. 2. Select the cloumn “Employee code” then Go to “Data” menu tab in the excel. 3. Select Data validation. […]


Simple Marks Calculation using Excel

This example shows a simple marks calculation using MS-Excel. Here are the steps for calculating total, average, minimum and maximum marks. 1. First of all, create a sheet with following data in it. 2. Place cursor next to “Total Marks” column and type the formula [while writing a formula in excel it is mandatory to […]

Excel Management

Calculate Employee salary using MS Excel

The following example explains the calculation of Employee salary using MS Excel with simple understanding steps. Step 1 : Create a sheet with following data in it. Step 2: To calculate Bonus, click on “Insert Function” Step 3: select “if” from the list Step 4: Enter the formula as per following screen image [Here Cell […]