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Entrepreneurship Development program

Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP

Entrepreneurship Development program or EDP is a need for the hour because without entrepreneurship there is no business which means no employment and hence no jobs!

But everyone cannot become an entrepreneur because it takes lot of efforts and stability and capability in all areas like finance, production and marketing etc.

Entrepreneurship Development program

Fundamentally, one who has these qualities like courage, dedication, skills, discipline, time management, people management, resource management and finance management can turn his / her vision into realities to offer jobs to many people by becoming entrepreneur to running small to large business houses.

Definition: An activity of setting up any business with risk taking ability and managing finance for hope of profit is called entrepreneurship.

Basic Requirements in Entrepreneurship Development

1. Self Confidence.
2. Determined mind.
3. Complete Knowledge.
4. Ability to take risk.

Why we need Entrepreneurship?

1. To Develop financial independence.
2. Bring your ideas to life.
3. Have creative freedom.
4. Build something that will last a lifetime; create a legacy.
5. Hire employees and contribute to economic growth.
6. Become a leader.
7. Involved in all aspects of a company’s operations.
8. Improve upon old ideas.
9. Celebrate massive achievements.
10. Provide a better quality of life.
Related Career in Entrepreneurship Development
One could become..

1. Owner of the business
2. Manager or MD
3. Director
4. President / Vice President
5. Chief Executive Officer
6. Chief Operating Officer [COO]

Related Major Skills for Entrepreneurship Development

1. Managing the business on a day-to-day basis
2. Advertising, selling, and distributing the product or service
3. Accounting or keeping financial records for the business
4. Hiring personnel to assist with the business
5. Production of finished goods or services
6. Be non-conformist
7. Motivated by achievement
8. Have a preference for innovation
9. Possess high uncertainty tolerance

The main topics must be focused on learning Entrepreneurship Development are.
1. Principles and Practices of Management[PPM]
2. Management Accounting [Basic accounting]
3. Marketing Management [Brand building]
4. Management Information Systems [Reporting properly]
5. Entrepreneurship Development and Management [Managing the organization]