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Maintaining the Database

December 30, 2016 SKB 0

Maintaining the Database [MS Access] Database Security is essential Security can be administered in the form of: -A database Password -User-Level Security Compacting a Database […]


what is internet

December 28, 2016 SKB 1

INTERNET INTERNET is a network of networks. Just as interstate highway system links one city to another, similarly the Internet links thousands of computer networks. […]

Storage Management

Storage Management

December 27, 2016 SKB 2

Storage Management [Data Structure] In case of large voluminous data, every byte of space is important and plays a major factor in determining the cost […]

jobs 2016

Jobs Dec-2016

December 22, 2016 SKB 0

Various vacancies in govt sector Central University of Tamil Nadu Positions No of Posts Salary Professor 15 Posts Rs.37,400-67K + 10KAGP Associate professor 33 Posts […]

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Searching techniques

December 16, 2016 SKB 0

Searching Techniques Files and Records: A record is a collection of related information and Collection of records is called a file. Ordered and unordered ———————————– […]

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Sorting technique

December 14, 2016 SKB 0

Sorting Techniques Sorting is a process to arrange the records in the file in an order(either ascending or descending) with respect to the key. Sorting […]

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List of countries in the world

December 12, 2016 SKB 0

World’s Fact There are 7 continents in the world and they are.. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia List of total countries […]

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Data structure Graph

December 9, 2016 SKB 0

Introduction to Graphs The limitation of tree is that it cannot represent many to many relation. This limitation is overcome by using Graph. Definition of […]