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New TV Channel for Entrepreneurs

A new TV channel for startup in India 

PM Modi’s one of pet and dream project called “Startup India Standup India” will take new turn this year.

startup india standup india

The Indian government wants to launch a new channel for entrepreneurs where these entrepreneurs can  show their talent and strength in starting new company and attracting venture capitalists.

The similar program is run by American TV channel ABC and the program title called “Shark Tank” , a reality show for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This Shark Tank program is based on Japan’s ‘Dragon’s Den” which was aired in 2001. And it is most popular TV show in Japan even today!


As per reports, agencies are hired for finding talents and daring minds to implementing ideas into reality.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is proposing this reality TV show to all youths from this country to make self dependent and ready to offer jobs to others.

The guidance and selecting panel would be from eminent personalities from IIT and IIM’s and other big corporate people.

What are few themes of the this new channel?
  • Supporting farmers for best and modern cultivation methods.
  • Setuping new IT training centres across India specially, rural areas.
  • Empowering women entrepreneurship.
  • Giving stress for various Skills.
  • Training for trainers.
  • New education system
  • Making self employed
  • Improving economy
  • Use of technology
  • Use of internet and Mobile phones

PM also working hard for Digital India project since he took office in May 2014.