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How to load website faster

How to load website / blog faster?

When it comes to loading a website / blog faster is quite important task for website owner because some technical aspects are required to implement in it other than developing a website/blog.

Fast Loading

Why it is important to have this faster loading concept? And the answer is quite simple that who wants to wait?

Few things are implemented as part of manual procedures like
  1. Use WordPress blogging tool
  2. Reduce image sizes [use jpg / png format preferably]
  3. If you’re showing videos in your blog, try uploading them on youtube and get url and then paste it into your site/blog. [this makes your web/blog load faster]
  4. Use less CSS and Javascript syntax
  5. It is better to link your CSS and Javascript files externally and this makes faster display.
  6. Avoid duplicate Javascript and CSS files from root directory.
  7. Avoid cheap hosting and try some premium and best quality hosting providers like Google Hosting, Godaddy, BigRock etc.
  8. Use quality and lightweight theme always.
  9. Minimize the use of widgets. [use only 3 to 4 widgets max]
  10. Try using cloud based hosting [for this, you ask for your hosting providers and it is Free for premium hosting plans]
  11. Use SEO implementation.

Few plug-ins are there for faster loading your web/blog [if you’re using WordPress tool!]

Thankfully there many tools and techniques are available to load website/blog faster. Find here below them.

  1. Image Optimizer
  2. WP Fast Cache
  3. Hammy
  4. WP-DBManager
  5. WP-Optimize
  6. BJ Lazy Load
  7. W3 Total Cache

I hope this helps you all!