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History of programming languages

Brief history on programming languages.

We can’t imagine a single moment without use of computer and internet today and it become necessary routine of our life but behind the use of computer and internet there are many computer languages involved and of course our dedicated programmer who always uses these programming languages to write software / web application and keep themselves in innovating new things such as design of interface or logic of the program and big thanks to them!

programming languages

Following are the programming languages based on historical advancement and implementation in various real-time applications.
Sr no Programming language Application Used by
1 FORTRAN [Formula Transfer]

[1957] used for  scientific, mathematics purpose etc.

Artificial intelligence application, supercomputing and business software’s NASA
2 LISP [List processor]


Artificial intelligence application, supercomputing and business software’s NASA
3 COBOL [Common Business Oriented Language]

[1959], used for developing commercial purpose.

Business application Various companies
4 PASCAL [1970], best for academic purpose and data structures programs widely used until 80’s. Developed by Niklaus writh. Windows applications, teaching programming language for many universities. Skype [Microsoft]
5 C Language [1972], general purpose low-level programming language. Developed by Dennis Ritchie. Cross platform programming language, OS development, System side applications etc. Unix
6 C++ [1983], it is also called “C with classes”, object oriented programming language.  Developed by BJarne Stroustrup. Commercial application development. Client / server applications, multimedia applications etc. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, Chrome etc.
7 Objective C [1983], general purpose high-level programming language. Developed by Brad Cox and Tam Love. Message passing. OS development [Apple] Apple’s X OS
8 PERL [1987], it is a general purpose and processing reports on Unix. Developed by Larry Wall. Database applications, Network administration, net work programming etc. Cisco, AMD, Amazon etc.
9 PYTHON [1991] Developed by GUIDO VAN ROSSUM. Web application, security software etc. Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.
10 RUBY [1993] Developed by YUKHIRO MATSUMOTO Ruby on Rails Groupon, Twitter etc.
11 PHP [Preprocessor Hypertext PHP] [1994] Developed by RASMUS LERDORF. Building dynamic web pages. Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, Wikipedia etc.
12 JAVA [1995], Platform independent programming language. Developed by James Gosling. Web applications, network softwares, mobile devices, consumer devices etc. Android OS and Apps

That’s all for now! wait for next article for more on history of programming  languages. 


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