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How to prevent your WordPress site / blog from hackers?

Now a days it become very common that websites are hacked by hackers / attackers with or without any reasons but how to prevent from such dangerous people?

As a blogger, lot of patience is required to write post on their blogging site with using utmost skills in writing and arranging information in legible manner but what happens if somebody hacks your site? Of course it huge frustration and lot of anger. But having said that the world is having good people also to prevent such attacks and they are real programmer or real software engineer who works for the betterment of the society they live in and not like hackers, who always hide their face from society just like thieves.

Now coming to real fact,

To prevent your site from hackers or attackers you need to implement 2 step-authentication systems provided by Google Authenticator (an app on android / apple store) this app can be downloaded freely on your smart phone.

Google authentication

Once the app is downloaded to your smart phone and do some basic settings like “Account name” and “Your key” and also select a random code to generate frequently based on “Time based” or “Counter based”. [you can also scan the QR code generated after clicking on “Create New Secret key”]


After this step on your smart phone, now login to your WordPress site and download a plug-in called “Google Authenticator” as look like in the following screen shot.


After successful download, activate it. And go to “Users” then ”Your Profile” on wordpress dashboard and do the basic settings on Google Authenticator tab as following.


Now click on update.

That’s all, when you login next time to your wordpress blog / site you’ll be prompted with 2step-verification (i.e. one is your user name and password and second is security key provided by your app on smart phone)


Now your site is protected with 2step verification so there is almost no chance of hacking your site by hackers because they require user name / password and your smart phone to generate the random key!


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