Worlds population facts

World’s population at glance 

The world is having around 7+ billion population presently. And it is increasing with rapid speed specially most of the Asian countries.

Take a look at below stat for the same.

Region Population as of 2016
Asia 4,436,224,473
Africa 1,216,129,815
Europe 738,849,002
Latin America 641,029,306
North America 360,529,324
Oceania 39,901,355
Population by religion
Religion Population
Christians 31%
Muslims 23%
Hindus 15%
No Religion affiliation 16%
Buddhists 7%
Folk Religions 6%
Other Religions 1%
Jews 0.2%
Some interesting facts about world’s population 
  • From 1st century to 1800 AD (1800 years) the world’s population grew up to 1 billion only! but interestingly, from 1800 to 2001 census survey report’s the worlds population has grown to 7 billion just in 200 years! Thanks to advancement in the medical science which is improving  life expectancy of human beings but facing myriad of problems due to sudden increase in the population. By 2021 the worlds population will reach to 8 billion!.
  • As it is estimated 106 billion people have been born since dawn of human species!



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