Data Source Naming – DSN

In this post you’ll be able to create DSN [Data Source Naming] for establishing database connection.

How to Create DSN for MS Access

Here are the steps to create Data Source Naming or DSN for MS Access database.
step1: Click on “Start” Menu and click on “Settings”
step2: Go to “Control Panel”
step3: click on “Administrative Tools” 
step4: click on ” Data Sources (ODBC)”
step5: click on “System DSN” from ODBC Data Source Administrator Tab
step6: Now, click on ” Add” button
step7: Select “Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
step8: click on “finish” 
step9: Type “Data Source Name” to something like “mydsn”
step10: Click on “Select” under Database Tab
step11: Select your existing or newly created database from MS Access. 
step12: finally, Click on all “OK” buttons from all confirmed dialog tabs.