install WAMP and RUN PHP program

How to run PHP programs using WAMP server on Windows operating system?
First, Download WAMP server from
Here are the steps to install WAMP server on your PC and run your first PHP program.

1.Double click on WAMP server set up file

2.Click on Run

3. Click “Next”

4. Click on “Accept”

5. Click on “Next”

6. Click on “Next” [here you can also make shortcut to wamp]

7. Now, Click on “install”

8.After successful installing WAMP server, it will create the folder called “wamp” in local drive (C:) this wamp folder contains a sub folder called “www”.

9.Now, open notepad or any text editor for creating your first PHP program.

10.Now create a folder e.g.”PHP_Programs” under “www” folder [your folder path should looks like this,  c:\wamp\www\PHP_Programs].

11.Type following code in the note pad and save it as e.g.” myfirst.php and   save inside the “PHP_Programs” folder.

12.Now Start the WAMP server, follow steps :
Click -> Start->WampServer->Start Wamp Server
13. Now, open browser and type : http://localhost/ press enter you’ll see the following image.
14.Click on folder “PHP_Programs” see below screen shot
15.Click on link as following
16.You’ll see an output of your first program as following image.
That’s all! Now you can able to run all your PHP programs and just follow above steps.
Happy Programming!