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Work from home

To make money online or work from home, here are some simple steps to make extra earning for you.

1. Blogging : if you are good at writing articles or post.
You can write article/post on technical, non-technical, political, sports, science, fiction etc.

2. Online share trading: this requires lot of market watch and analysis to buy and sell shares.
Before stepping into trading, one should study ABC of share market. You can refer this link:  for more detail.

3. Freelancing: if you are good at programming or computer related work then try registering on or to make good and steady income.

The jobs available at these sites are.

  • a) Web Designer/Developers: This requires strong knowledge of particular technical skills like web technologies (HTML5,PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Java etc)
  • b) Programmers: C, C++, Java etc
  • c) Macro Programmer : Excel Macros with VB coding.
  • d) Accounting : Tally / CIMA expert / Auditing  etc.
  • e) Network engineers: CISCO tools /  Microsoft tools.
  • f) Database admin: MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL or any RDBMS.
  • g) Online help desk: Basic computer, Ms Office, internet and good communication skills are mandatory.
  • h) Call center executive: Good command over spoken and written English with computer skills.
  • i) Digital Marketing Executive: one should know SEO marketing tools with advertising on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, pintrest etc.

4. Affiliate marketing: if you have a website or a blog try inserting affliliate links to them and earn some extra bucks.
exa: amazon affiliate [is best one.]

5. Email marketing: if you know how to send bulk emails on behalf of your clients then this is good idea to earn money.

6. There are 7 Benefits of Working From Home