Data validation in Excel

Data Validation with MS – Excel
Data validation is an important for entering specific values in the column with size or length. Here are the steps.

1. Prepare the sheet as shown in following screen shot.

2. Select the cloumn “Employee code” then Go to “Data” menu tab in the excel.

3. Select Data validation.

4. Select “Settings” Tab and set the validation criteria as shown in below image.

5. Now go to “Input Message” Tab on Data validation dialog box and set Title and Input message as following.
6. Now go to “Error Alert” tab and set error style and title and also enter error message.
7. Now enter data, you see an input message as yellow shaded box next to cells.
8. If any violation in the data entry, you will see an error message box as following. [as we set criteria for Employee code min:4 and maximum:6 characters]
9.Also set other criteria for more columns by allowing specific values to be entered like date, time, number etc.
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