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Responsibilities of a typical Web developer

Before we begin about responsibilities of web developer, let’s understand more about what are the skills and qualifications are required to become a web developer.

In web developing, various skills are required to master the huge world of web. Hence one needs to learn various technologies as following.


For Designing: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS5, Java script, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dream Weaver  etc.

For Developing: Java script, PHP, MySQL (open source platform), Java(for secured websites) C# (for proprietary platform)

Formal education: Bachelor degree in Computer science is desirable but Post graduation in computer science is a big plus. Even diploma is also good for beginners.

Formal education is only requirements in the Job market but to become freelancer web developer / blogger this is not required. Only experience and hard work matters a lot.

As a web developer, designing is also plays most prominent role and they are responsible for look and feel of the website this requires understanding both graphic and programming expertise. Hence one needs to have sound knowledge of above web technology skills.

Responsibilities / Duties of the web developer:

A web designer / developer duties is to cover all aspects of creating and hosting website. Also requires meeting clients and their requirements.

Their duties includes following:

  • Writing code for designing (HTML/CSS)
  • Design of website layouts
  • Animation
  • Use of multimedia
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Video or Audio editing (if any)
  • Use of Multimedia programming
  • Analyzing technical requirements
  • Editing / Modifying
  • Testing
  • Solving day-to-day issues related to website.
  • Hosting and maintaining website.

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