General Tech

What is Digital India?

Digital India is a project launched by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to all citizen of this country electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of information technology.Find here more about digital India 

When it launched?

Launched on 1st July 2015 by Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

What are the Pillars of Digital India?

There are 9 Pillars of Digital India

1) Broadband Highways
2) Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
3) Public Internet Access Programme
4) e-Governance – Reforming Government through Technology
5) eKranti – Electronic delivery of services
6) Information for All
7) Electronics Manufacturing
8) IT for Jobs
9) Early Harvest Programmes

What are services offered by Digital India?

1) DigiLocker: This help citizen to store their documents digitally like PAN Card, Voter ID, Mark sheets etc.

2) To keep record of attendances of Govt. Employees on a real-time basis.

3) This platform to share ideas, inputs on policy matters of governance. [Discuss, Do and Deploy]

4) SBM Mobile app : Swachh Bharat Mission, achieving this goal.

5) eSign framework : Citizens can digitally sign a document using Aadhar Card authentication.

6) Online Registration System: This platform help the citizen to take doctor’s appointment online, payment fees, diagnosis report, availability of blood etc.

7) National Scholarships Portal: This platform is for students who wish to apply scholarship for their education. This is completely an end-to-end process.

Who are the Partnerships?

1) Digital India Week: Top CEO from India and abroad committed to invest whopping nearly 5 lakh crore.

2) Silicon Valley: Almost all Tech giants from Silicon Valley have committed to invest in Digital India Project.

Companies who committed to invest in Digital India from silicon valley are.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Qualcomm
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle etc.