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Monetize android app

How to earn money from Android mobile app?

Before we begin, let’s first create an Android mobile app here.

After creating an App for Android mobile device, Just follow below steps.

1. Download the app to your local machine(PC), if the app is created using online tools or from, otherwise simply make .apk file from Android studio or Eclipse IDE.

2. Login to your Google Play Developer Console Account (after creating Google Play Developer console only we can able to upload our app on Google Play store and this costs one time fee of US $25)

3. For uploading your app to Google play store, click here

4. For monetizing, first we need to create AdMob account here. 

5. Login to your AdMob account and click on “Monetize” [follow below image]

6. Click on “Monetize new app”

7. Find your app.

8. Click on “Add App”

9. Copy the Ad Unit ad [looks like following image]

10. The above Ad Unit ID should be copied and pasted in Android Creator Ad section, follow below screen shot. [Now login to android creator and select your app then click on “Ads”]

11. Now paste your Ad Mob ad unit code here.

12. After adding Ad Mob ad unit id, Now download app from to your local machine(PC) then follow step 3 to upload your app to Google Play store.

Now your app is ready to earn money based on ads displayed as banner ads or interstitial ads.