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Image Slider in wordpress

Adding image slider to wordpress site as a plug-in.

There are various plug-ins available for inserting image slider in wordpress site and among all,  one is explained here.

  1. Go to “Plugins” tab and click on “Add New”

  1. Download “image-slider-widget” from internet and upload it. (After successful installation, you’ll get below confirmation message and click on “Activate Plugin”)

  1. Click on “Add New Slider” and type “Slider Item” title

  1. Click on “Add images“ (browse images)

5.Enter image title as following image

  1.  Enter “width” and “Height” values

7. Enter other parameter as following image

  1. click on “Save slider”

  1. Now insert slider in page / post (go to pages / post)

  1. Click on “Easy Slider Lite” button to select slider

11. Click on “Insert short code” button

12.Click “Update” button to update the page.

  1. Run the page, see below output