As the technology continues to grow in software industry so there is always big demand for programming languages and programmers.high programming languagesSince the early 2000, the dot-com bubble, we have seen really lots of improvements in the software industry with innovation at its best level. For this huge change in the software or IT industry there has been always big role played by these programming languages and our expert programmers.

As per survey there are more than 200 programming languages in the software field to develop software or web application and one need to have these programming coding skills to develop applications.

As per current scenario, some of the programming languages have highly demand in the IT field with high paying salaries to our expert programmer.

So it is important to learn coding of few programming languages which earns more money and of course high in demand.

Following are the high paying programming languages based on present IT (2016) scenario:

Java: it become most preferred programming language for most of the software companies due to its punch line  called “write once, run anywhere” with platform independent feature to use this language on almost any device. Senior level java developer can expect salaries as high as US$  1,00,000 + per annum! [Whooping!]

Python: Python is a very versatile programming language used by most of the top tech giants like Google, IBM etc. And  senior developer of python language can expect salary US$ 90,000 + per annum.

Objective C: This is primary language used by Apple to develop its OS X and iOS platform and it’s various API’s.

Python can fetch salary close to 6 figures!

Swift: It is a relatively new language and its companion to objective C so Apple inc uses this too.

Swift can fetch salary range from US$ 80,000 to US$ 1, 00,000 per annum.

C#: This is another OOP language developed by Microsoft and it’s known for simplicity and widest use of programming language. C# can fetch salary up to US$ 90,000 for senior level developer.

JavaScript: Without JavaScript, it is impossible to imagine the www and its applications. A senior level javaScript developer can fetch salary up to US$ 70,000 per annum!

Perl: It is best suited for CGI scripting, Graphics Programming, system admin and also in financial application.     One can expect salary US$ 65,000 per annum.

C++: C++ is one of most efficient and flexible programming language for developing desktop and server side application. And C++ can fetch salary US$ 80,000 for senior level developer.

SQL: It is a database language used by most of the database developer and database administrator to fetch, insert, modify or delete records in database. And salaries range is US$80,000 per annum.

Ruby: It’s a classic language with natural and easy-to write coding for server side scripting and it can fetch salary close to six figures!

C: The most fundamental programming language for any developers who develop software application and operating system software using C. and best part of this language is widely known of all time and it can fetch salary from US$ 50,000 to US$ 70,000 per annum!

PHP: Over 82% websites worldwide developed using this powerful server side programming language – PHP (Preprocessor Hypertext Php) and best blogging site example is WordPress, which uses 100% PHP coding! And PHP developer can expect salary from US$45,000 to US$70,000 per annum!

So master any of the above programming language of your choice and make your career in the field of software but remember, dedication and hard work is important to attain high success in this field!.