Create android app without coding

Creating an android app without any coding knowledge – Hybrid app

In android there are two types of application can be created:

  1. Native : It requires lot of programming skills (specially Java and Android studio etc)
  2. Hybrid: It requires less programming or almost no programming technique is required.

Comparison between Native and Hybrid App

Native Hybrid
Programming skill is required Less programming skill is required
Requires lot of time for developing an app Requires less time for developing an app
Difficult to update app Easy to update app
Device’s Hardware features can be accessed Device’s Hardware features can be accessed but not all
Great UI Slightly Good UI
It takes time to get approval from market soon after updated app is uploaded on play store. No approval is required for updating app.
For Native App Development pure Java is required. For Hybrid App Development HTML5/CSS (web technologies) is required.

Today, I’m going to explain how to create an android app using hybrid method on online.

Follow the below steps to create your first android app.

  1. Login to androidcreator [here you can create completely FREE android apps]

  1. Create user account / signup there

3.And enter basic information as following.

  1. Check “I accept terms of service” and Click on “Send”, after this you can able to see following screen. [Enter App Name, App icon, select language and enter description of the app then click on “Next”]

  1. Select “style of the app” from available list and click on “Next”

  1. Select type (kind of app) of app you want to create

  1. Enter contact detail as following image (click No, if don’t want to enter), then click on “Next”

  1. Enter website address if any (follow below screen shot)

  1. Enter chat name, if any (then click on “Next” to save)

  1. Click on “User finder section” , if any

  1. Create first section of the app by entering “Text & Image section” if any

  1. Now click on ”Go to app manager”

  1. Enter following information if any

  1. Click on “Sections” then click “Create section” to create multiple screens as following

  1. Here you can select any section as following [below I’ve selected web section]

  1. Enter your web address as following and then click on “save”

  1. Create another section [screen] by clicking on “Sections” [here HTML is selected]

18. Click “Menu Type” under “Design” and select type as you want.

19. Add “Search”, “Contact” and “Share” icon as following just by dragging these icons.

20. After creating all sections, click on “Download App” button to test your first hybrid app on your android phone.

21.After installing the above app on your android device it looks as following.


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