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Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is a new way of marketing or advertising and selling goods or service on the internet. Internet has opened many doors to all of us whether it is simple email communication, chatting, social media connectivity, online shopping, online education and the list goes end-less here.

In recent time the digital marketing becomes very common to all advertisers who want to endorse their product to make more money online due to rapid increase in internet users day-by-day across the world. And Thanks to all social media websites (Facebook and Twitter etc) and search engine giants like Google, Yahoo etc.


Basically all we know traditional marketing is way of selling goods and services physically and it is more time consuming and requires lot of money.  The problem faced in traditional marketing is, any advertiser or company they may not be selling right products to right customers and this is due to lack of customer’s feedback they receive from existing advertising medium like news paper and television etc. This is highly impossible to collect real-time feedback from their customer using these old medium and this problem can be solved with the help of “Digital Marketing” where advertiser can easily collect real-time feedback on product or service sold to their customer and in response to this they can take quick decision to improve product or service quality in almost no time and thereby increases revenue to organization and product or service satisfaction to customers.


Digital Marketing covers following technique:

  • Having Own Website / Blogging
  • Email Marketing (one can send bulk emails regarding product or services)
  • Social Media (Facebook campaign page, Google AdWords etc)
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Effective use of SEO tools to make visible your product on search engine websites
  • Mobile App integration like use of AdMob etc.